Project Re-build Corey: a damn good reason to go out on 20 April

By March 1, 2013What we're doing

Sometimes a situation arises and you find yourself asking, ‘How can we help?’  That’s how we felt when we heard about Corey.

Corey had two strokes two days after being assaulted.  He wasn’t expected to survive.  He did – and he’s been beating the odds since.  Trouble is it’s a long recovery.  Corey needs intensive rehabilitation to get him back to work and, for some reason, his circumstances don’t tick the right boxes to qualify for ACC funding.  Corey’s family and work colleagues are not prepared to accept this.  They launched Project Re-building Corey to raise funds for his rehab.  We wanted to help.

We’ll be providing entertainment for a charity auction being held on the evening of Saturday 20th April.  We’re asking you all to keep this night free on your calendars and to come along prepared to bid on some of the amazing items people have donated.  This is also a night to celebrate everything Corey has achieved so far and what he will continue to achieve if he gets the help he needs.

We’ll have more details for you as soon as they’re confirmed.  In the meantime, you can follow Corey’s journey through his Facebook page or his website, which has contact and bank account details should you find yourself asking, ‘How can we help?’