Ashhurst Family Fun Night: Saturday, 2 November

By October 30, 2013What we're doing

This Saturday, 2nd November, at the Ashhurst Family Fun night in the Ashhurst Domain, we go back to where we started the band version of us.

Last year we had an absolute blast at this event. Getting all the kids to do the pony dance to Gangnam Style was the highlight of our night. We heard on the grapevine it was a highlight for a lot of other people, too.

We don’t like to dwell on past glories, though.  When we confirmed our availability for the 2013 Fun Night, we sat down and thought about what the kids might like to hear – after all, this is their party. Our set will include current and recent Top 40 hit songs and a surprise even bigger than Gangnam Style. We can’t wait to see the kids’ reactions.

Entertainment starts at 5:30; we’ll be storming the stage at 7:50. Come along and join in the fun.