Vocal rest is no fun

By August 1, 2014What we're doing

Some of you may know Debs lost her voice after a horrible viral flu that almost put her in hospital back in April. Just for the hell of it, the bugs decided to kick her when she was down and follow that up with a nasty upper respiratory tract infection. It hasn’t been much fun.

Today she had a check up with the lovely Dr Kumar at ENT Ambulatory Care in PN Hospital; he has been an absolute gem. The not-so-lovely piece of equipment he is holding is a flexible fibre optic laryngoscope. It goes up the nose, curls around and slips down the throat so he can have a good look at the voice box – not a pleasant experience, but he makes it as painless as possible.

The good news is Debs is heaps better. The not-so-good news is she’s still got a way to go. Doctor’s orders are to continue vocal rest for a little longer. Not too long we hope, because she’s itching to get back behind the mic.