Project Re-build Corey Fundraising Auction

By April 16, 2013What we're doing

On Saturday 20th April at 7:00 pm, a pile of people will be congregating in the Carlton Ballroom at the Travelodge to help Corey Swensson get the specialist rehabilitation he needs to get back to work. Some of those people will be Corey’s friends and colleagues; others will have never met him. Some have donated goods to go under the hammer, others┬áhave donated their time or a service. All have come together in the spirit of helping another person.

We feel humbled and privileged to be a small part of Corey and Rochelle’s journey. They have shown the most amazing strength and determination, facing challenges most of us are not likely to ever experience.

Jason Mraz’s song, I Won’t Give Up, accompanied a video made by one of Rochelle’s friends showing Corey’s early milestones. For us, it became Corey and Rochelle’s song because it so completely tells the story of their lives since September 2012. We thought it would be appropriate to record our own acoustic version of this song and sing it at the fundraising auction.

If you can’t be there on Saturday, we’d like you to take a listen and think about Rochelle and Corey while you do. To all those coming on Saturday night, we’ll be providing our own special brand of ‘thank you’ after the auction so bring your dancing shoes.