Ashhurst Inn: Saturday, 12 October

By October 7, 2013What we're doing

We don’t often play pub gigs, but we’re rather fond of the Ashhurst Inn and that’s why we’ll be turning up the volume there on Saturday 12th October. There’s no┬ácover charge, so come on down and spend the evening with us.

We’ll start the night off at about 8:30 with an acoustic set. ┬áThe band will kick off the big sound around 9:30ish.

We’ve new songs to delight you all with in both acoustic and band sets, not to mention a few surprises.

Doug from One Night Only will be doing what he does best: bringing in a truckload of gear and making the stage look fabulous. In fact, even his face lit up when he said, “You’ll be needing some lights, then.”

We’re ready to rock! We’re keeping our fingers crossed for warm weather. Most of all, we’re looking forward to seeing you there.