Acoustic at the Library: Sunday, 11 May

By May 6, 2014What we're doing

It’s not often you get to celebrate two events with one gig, but perhaps that is more likely to happen in NZ Music Month than at any other time of the year. This Sunday we’re playing acoustically at Sound and Vision in the Library at 2:00 pm as part of their Music┬áMonth celebrations. It also happens to be Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is pretty self-explanatory as an occasion: we give our Mums a bit of recognition for all the love, support and hard slog they put into their families. We’ve picked some songs especially for the mums this Sunday – some Heart, some Pink and some other kick ass numbers because we know you’ve got to have a spine of steel to be a mum these days.

NZ Music Month is a little more complicated to define. There’s been a lot of debate about its relevance in recent years. There wasn’t a lot of New Zealand music on the radio when the Quiet Storm crew were growing up. (Yes, we’re old enough remember). It’s easy these days to forget that things like quotas and NZ Music Month helped get more New Zealand music on the airwaves. It’s still hard for musicians. There are just as many gatekeepers, locally, nationally, and internationally as there ever were, in both formal and informal positions. If NZ Music Month gets one musician in front of someone who can make a difference to them and who otherwise would not have seen them, it’s probably still relevant. ┬áThe challenge from here is to embrace that attitude all year long.

We might bust out a couple of original songs in honour of the occasion this Sunday. We’ll play a couple of kiwi songs in our own particular style, too. But really Music Month is about participating, honing your craft, and entertaining an audience. Come along to the Library on Sunday. Let us entertain you.